Full stack web application development and software engineering experience with full life cycle of the software design process using Agile methodologies. Proven track record in meeting deadlines, and successful enterprise software launches.

Full-stack Web Development / Programming / User Experience / Agile

Technologies/Processes: MVC, Object Oriented architecture, Service Layer Architecture, Agile, Tomcat, Apache
Operating Systems: Windows, Linux
Project Management/Build Automation Tools: Atlassian Jira, Apache Maven, Gradle
Programming Languages: Java, Javascript, jQuery UI/core, SQL, CSS 3, HTML 5, Groovy, Coldfusion, XML
Frameworks: Angular JS, Spring, Grails, MVC, Bootstrap CSS/JS, Hibernate, ORM
Software: IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, MySQL, SVN, GIT

  • Currently implementing an interface solution for an existing ERP system using Angular JS, Java 8 with Spring JPA.
  • Proven technical expertise in web application development and validation experience using various Spring based frameworks with Hibernate including but not limited to Grails and Spring JPA.
  • Implemented solutions using open source tools such as Rabbit MQ.
  • Implemented cross-platform product intelligence to reduce human error in claims processing and reduce the need for highly skilled and specialized employees in various decision-making roles
  • Implemented a claims status solution, giving customers knowledge of where their claim is in the lifecycle, contractors a better perspective of their daily business, internal users knowledge of actionable items, and a meaningful audit trial.
  • Ability to address a target audience and deliver the most relevant and pertinent information.
  • Problem solver, detail-oriented, proven performer, team player, motivated, analytical skills, strong Communication, and interpersonal skills.
  • Track record of accomplishments and meeting deadlines for deploying Enterprise Software adhering to Product Road Maps.
  • Experience with POC, MVP (minimum viable product) as well as large scale enterprise level applications.


Forever Living Global, LLC Scottsdale, AZ January 2016 – present
Software Engineer
  • Java Full stack web application development.
  • Currently, implementing a light interface solution for current ERP systems.
    Technologies: Angular JS, Java 8, Spring JPA with Hibernate.
  • Implemented News and Press release pages on the marketing site
    Technologies: Grails, using Salesforce for CMS.
  • Implemented third party payment processing solution for distributor bonus payouts throughout current web/mobile applications.
    Technologies: Java with Spring, jQuery, JavaScript, various JavaScript plugins.

PG&E San Ramon, CA February 2014 – September 2014
Web Developer
  • Full stack web application development to establish the agreement and authorization between the customer and PG&E for the use of equipment to procure energy.
    Technologies: Groovy on Grails (Spring based framework), jQuery, JavaScript, various JavaScript plugins, HTML5, CSS3.

GE Global Research and Development San Ramon, CA May 2013 – December 2013
Web Developer
  • Front End Web Developer focus on implementing and integrating Angular JS into technical stack.
  • Created Dashboards using several popular JavaScript libraries including Twitter Bootstrap, HighCharts js, jQuery
  • Conducted product demos for clients in Qatar and Italy.
  • Worked on Dashboard application to diagnose and maintain industrial oil pumps. Service layer architecture utilizing service APIs. (GE Oil and Gas)
    Technologies: Java, GWT, JavaScript, Twitter Bootstrap, Angular JS
  • Developed dashboard applications using complex big data to creating insightful interfaces for smart meter health, maintenance and determining trends. (GE Power and Water)
    Technologies: Java, Play framework, Twitter Bootstrap, JavaScript, Angular JS

Amcom San Ramon, CA October 2009 – March 2013
Software Developer
  • Managed bug fixes, developed enhancements for Clients various websites. Refined procedural code to be modular and object oriented. Studied MVC designs, and utilized frameworks.
    Technologies: Java, Coldfusion, Cold Spring, ModelGlue, Coldbox, Java, Groovy, Grails, HTML 4.0, MVC, Javascript, JQuery, Flex
  • Contributed to minimum viable product for prospective new business opportunity
    Technologies: Spring MVC, Groovy/Grails, JQuery, JavaScript, HTML,Bootstrap CSS/JS, Knockout js, Kendo UI
  • Developed, conducted SQL queries at clients demand to define KPIs and research accuracy of reports. Developed reports, corrected inaccuracies and lead validation efforts.
    Technologies: SQL, MS SQL Server 2005, ColdFusion 8, Crystal Reports

SBC/AT&T San Ramon, CA July 2001 – October 2007
Senior Analyst/Analyst

M.S Computer Info Systems/Quantitative Business Methods
California State Hayward, CA
B.A. in Political Science
University of California, Berkeley, CA